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for Poshaka to be sent to Postal Address
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1) Payment Amount should not be below INR ₹ 500/-. Flat, INR ₹295/-will be deducted as Service Fees(ex: If you book Aradas for minimum INR ₹ 500/-, INR ₹ 150/- will be paid to Gurudwara Sahib and INR ₹ 250/- + 18 % GST Total: ₹ 295 will be charged as Service Fees, If you book for INR ₹ 1,000/- then INR ₹ 800/- will be the Ardas amount paid to Gurudwara Sahib)

3) After completion of Ardas, receipt received by Gurudwara Sahib will be scanned and emailed on your registered email address.

4) If you wish to receive the Receipt, Poshaka given by Gurudwara Sahib then mailing charges will be as per actuals.