Guidance to choose right Ardas:

Ardas is a form of prayer / request or a thanks giving message to the almighty.

Purpose of ardas as per life event is given below:

  1. Dasvant Di Beath (Donating 10th Part of Income)
  2. Gupat Daan (Donation in the form of Money without mentioning Donor’s Name)
  3. Karobar Vich Tarraki (Growth in Business)
  4. Atmak Shanti (In the loving memory / RIP)
  5. Deh Arogata( Good health and recovery from illness)
  6. Manokamna Purti (Fulfillment of wishes / or mission)
  7. Shukrana ( Thanks Giving)
  8. Sukh Shanti, Chardikala (Internal glory , family Prosperity)
  9. Puttar di daat
  10. Janam Din di Kushi (for Birthday)
  11. Gaddi di Chardikala( New Vehicle purchases and wellness of the Vehicle )
  12. Videsh Jaan di liye (for Success in Visa Interview)
  13. Gurskhi Jiwan
  14. Vidya Dhan ( For admission in university or for blessing for doing good in studies)
  15. Naam di Daat (Fame life )
  16. Sohne Sanjog Laiee( for getting proposal or fixing of marriage)
  17. Job placement
  18. Potre di daat ( to be blessed with Grand Child)
  19. Sarbad da Bhala (let very one prosper )
  20. Naam Karan di Kushi ( Name given to new born )
  21. Imtihanvich Kamyabi Milan lai ( To get Succeed in Exam)
  22. Vyah di Saalgirah di Khushi vich ( Wedding Anniversary )
  23. Nasha Chaddanlai ( help to leave bad addictions )
  24. Case to bari hon lai ( to be relished as from Court case as not guilty )
  25. Naukrivich Tarraki ( Promotion in Job)
  26. Bhullan Chukan di Mafi
  27. Yatra Safal Havanlai ( for success of tour)
  28. Dastar Bandhai ( First time turban )
  29. Saal la nabarshi ( Death Anniversary )
  30. Vyhada Sara Karaj Nirbighanta nibhanlai