1. Donate Articles:
    1. Nishan Shaib Cloth :

Many people believe that donating or replacing cloth for Nishan sahib is very auspicious.

The Minimum donation for this is INR 5000/- which includes INR 500 as Ardas.net service charges, rest will include cloths for Nishan Shaib (provided  by Gurudwara Shaib  against payment ) tips for the sevadar (who changes cloths as shown in the picture) coconut, batasha (White sweet) sent sticks etc.

  1. Donation for Housekeeping material:

Donation are invited for supplying house cleaning material to Gurudwara Shaib for Gurudwara premises and rest lodging building which are running on no profit – no lose basis.

Minimum INR 5000 is invited as donation, then cleaning material will be purchased and handed over to Gurudwara Shaib and receipt received against material will be scanned and sent back to you. No service charge will be taken against this service.

  • Donation for Ghee (Clarified Butter):

A akhand (Continues lamp) is maintain since ages in the main Gurudwara sahib building, the lamp is ignited and fueled with clarified butter (cow ghee).

Also Ghee ( Clarified Butter) is used for making parshad.

Minimum INR 2500 for Minimum 5 Kg  is to be donated for this.

  1. Donation for Sardai /Degh (Holy drink made with dry fruits and sugar):

Minimum INR 1000 is to be donated for this which includes all ingredients of Sardai /Degh.

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