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Hazur Sahib

The building stands on a high base and has a small square room on the second floor bearing the gilded ribbed dome topped with a tall gilded pinnacle and umbrella shaped finial.


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Gurudwara Banda Ghat Sahib is situated about 400 mtrs., upstream from Nagina Ghat. This is where Madho Das, a hot headed and headstrong Bairagi Sadhu had his abode.

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Importance for performing your (Ardas) prayers at Shri Hazur Sahib:

Shri Hazur Sahib is a place where Guru Sri Gobind Singh Ji, before he left for his heavenly abode (Parlok Gaman) along with his horse Dilbag on October 7, 1708, at Nanded in Maharashtra. A few days before Parlok Gaman, Guru Gobind Singh Ji ended the line of personal Guruship by appointing the “Granth Sahib” (The Holy Book Gur-Ta-Gaddi) as his official successor with the status of ‘Eternal Guru’.

Before leaving he assured that he along with his Horse Dilbag is always available ( Hazur – all ways present among the pilgrims (Sangat)). Hence the prayers performed here are directly prayed to the almighty. Shri Hazur Sahib is one of the most important Gurudwara – Thakat( Place of Highly Importance). It is believed that once in a lifetime everyone should visit and perform his prayers at this holy place. It’s the Mecca and Vatican City of Sikhism.

As we all are aware the financially all Gurudwar’s are self-sustainable and they don’t have a specific source of income to run their monthly expenses for

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